Double D Electrical - Underground Locating / Fault Repair Services

Underground Locating

Whether you are building a home, adding on, installing sprinklers or just planting a tree, Double D Electrical is here to keep you safe! No matter what size the job, you FIRST need to locate underground utilities. Double D Electrical is your one-stop utility locator, and we can not only locate your lines but dig your trench too!

Double D Electrical serves contractors, homeowners, governments, commercial, or anyone who needs buried utilities located. All it takes is one call to Double D for all your utility locating needs.

Double D Electrical - Fault Repair Services

Fault Repair

If you have an electrical fault in your house, office or business premises Double D Electrical can diagnosis and repair with same day service.

Typical Faults Include

  • RCB Constantly Tripping Out
  • Electrical Socket Not Working
  • Lighting Circuit Not Functioning
  • Alarms Triggering Incorrectly
  • Automatic Lights Not Switching On or Off Correctly

Do you need Underground Locating, Fault Repair or Trenching?