Utility Locate & Fault Repair

Fault Repair

If you live in the Port Townsend, WA or surrounding areas and you are having issues with a utilities not working as it should, a fault in the wire could be to blame. They don't call it a "fault" for nothing.

No matter where your home or business is on the Kitsap or Olympic Peninsula, Double D Electrical will send a tech out to locate the issue(s) and make the necessary repairs to get your home and/or business back up and running safely as it should.

Utility Locate

Failure to properly locate utilities can cost Port Townsend, WA homeowners thousands in repair costs or cause severe or potentially fatal injuries if a line is severed or damaged during digging. See the photo to the left in which a locate revealed very shallow wiring that was not installed in conduit. This locate potentially saved the homeowner from a very costly and dangerous situation. Something as simple as digging a relatively shallow hole to plant a shrub along a walkway can become a much larger issue if there are utility lines hiding out of sight.